About Durmitor mountain

Durmitor is a mountain and national park in Montenegro. The beauty of the Durmitor is given a special charm by 18 glacial lakes, called mountain eyes, and the highest peak of Durmitor, Bobotov kuk, is at 2,523 m above sea level. The largest and most attractive lake on Durmitor is Black Lake, while the majesty of the landscape is contributed by the vast forest that surrounds it and the top of Medjed. The clear, powerful rivers that are located in this area have given the magnificent canyon valleys, and the river Tara is especially impressive, both with the beauty and movement of its waters, and the depth and landscape of the canyon, making it one of the most beautiful in the world. Durmitor National Park is a part of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, while the Tara River and its canyon valley are classified by the UNESCO as the world's ecological reserves of the biosphere. From this mountain, fresh local products arrive every day in the Durmitor restaurant - cheese, cream, prosciutto, selected wines and wild pear rakija.